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I am a certified Body Trust provider through the Center for Body Trust in Portland, OR.

More information on the core competencies can be found here:​

Body Trust® can help you heal body dissatisfaction and disordered eating and allow you to unhook from the harm of diet culture and weight stigma.  Many of us have turned to food or away from food to cope with pain and trauma and have come to believe that our bodies are a problem to be solved.   Body Trust® work is a process of reclaiming your connection and ownership over your body by taking it back from harmful messaging of fat phobia, diet culture, racism, sexism, and other forms of body oppression. It involves shifting the paradigm in ways that provide lasting and profound change in our relationship to ourselves and our bodies.

Body Trust® work can be a part of individual or group psychotherapy and is also offered through a coaching model in work with clients who live outside of Washington state.  A coaching client might be someone  who is in eating disorder or dieting/body shame recovery and is interested in building a Body Trust@ practice to further support their healing.   

My Body Trust Mantra

May your body know your love and support,

May you know your body's love and support

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